Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Travel Agency Al Nami Travel LLC


1.Subject of the Contract

The subject of this Contract is the regulation of mutual relations of the tour operator/travel agency AL NAMI TRAVEL LLC (hereinafter referred to as Al Nami Travel) and the TRAVELER ie the travel contractor in the case where the travel contractor concludes this contract in favor of a third party traveler (hereinafter TRAVELER).This Travel Contract contains General Conditions of tourist arrangements and airplane tickets, and calls on the travel program that contains all the necessary information. The Contract is considered binding after it has been signed by the Agency employee (employee of the travel agency Al Nami Travel or any other person authorized to sell Al Nami Travel LCC arrangements) and the TRAVELLER who fully paid for the arrangement or paid part of the arrangement or made a deposit. If the passenger is unable to sign the contract, the contract shall take effect only when Al Nami Travel receives the full amount of money for contractual arrangement, or if it is expressly agreed, part of the agreed price, and documentation that indisputably insures the payment of the remaining part of the price by the agreed date. The TRAVELER can apply for a travel directly to the agency Al Nami Travel or to other authorized person, by telephone, Internet or other means of remote communication. When signing the contract, the TRAVELER is obligated to provide personal data and duly provide all documentation necessary for organizing travels. The TRAVELER guarantees that he issued to AL NAMI TRAVEL correct and valid data necessary for the smooth implementation of the voyage and accepts all legal obligations arising from this Agreement and positive legal regulations ei applicable laws.

  1. Reservations and Payments

Upon registration, to confirm the booking, the TRAVELER pays 30% of the price (if the program does not specify otherwise). The rest of the total price of the arrangement is to be paid no later than 20 days prior to travel, or the necessary documentation is to be secured for immediate payment of the total price. If the TRAVELER fails to fulfill his/her obligation at least 20 days before departure, it shall be deemed that he/she has withdrawn from the reservation without the possibility of advance payment refund. For all reservations, including reservations upon “request” it is necessary first to obtain written confirmation from the agency Al Nami Travel or authorized agents. As for the reservations made upon “request” Al Nami Travel obliges itself to process them within 2 working days (Saturday is not considered a working day) and inform the TRAVELLER in verbal or written form about the status of the reservation. If Al Nami Travel within the specified time does not inform the TRAVELER about the status of the reservation or is unable to secure reservation for the requested travel arrangement, the entire amount of the deposit will be refunded to the TRAVELLER. If the TRAVELER does not accept the requested and confirmed reservation by Al-Nami Travel, the TRAVELER is obligated to pay for the booking fees in the amount of KM 80,00 to Al Nami Travel, including costs of payment (advance payment). For confirming reservations made according to “Fortuna System” or Last minute offers the TRAVELLER is obliged to immediately pay the amount in of arrangements in full, or provide indisputable collection of the full amount for the agreed arrangement.

  1. Prices

Tour prices are published in the travel program and are valid from the date of publication of the program. Prices of package arrangements include compensation for the booking fees that are charged in the amount of 80,00 KM (per contract) when reserved. Prices listed in Al Nami Travel programs are based on agreements made with our partners and do not necessarily match the rates stated on the spot at the destination in which the customer resides, and any difference in price cannot be the subject of complaints. The travel organizer may anticipate that a traveler pays on the spot for certain services used abroad in the currency of the country where he/she is located. For services that are paid on the spot, the traveler submits eventual disputes directly to the executor of the service. The price of the arrangement does not include (if not specified otherwise): Optional visits and excursions, the possible costs of obtaining and issuing visas and tickets for the facilities to be visited. AL NAMI TRAVEL may, not later than 8 days prior to travel, require an increase in the agreed price if, after the contract has been signed, there were changes in exchange rates or there was an increase inthe cost of services contained within the package deal, particularly transportation cost increase, including fuel costs and/or increase in taxes for specific services (airports and other port services and similar), an increase in accommodation prices, all of which affect the cost of travel. In such case the price of the arrangement will increase reciprocal to the increase of the calculative element based on which the price had been formed. The TRAVELER is obliged to accept the increase of the agreed price in excess of 10 %. The TRAVELLER has the right to cancel the arrangement, provided that he notifies AL NAMI TRAVEL in writing about his/her decision within 2 working days of receiving the notice (about price increase). In the event of a cancellation of the arrangement, the TRAVELER is not entitled to compensation. If the TRAVELER does not notify AL NAMI-TRAVEL about the cancellation in writing and within the specified time limit, it shall be deemed that he/she agrees to the price change.

  1. Categorization and Description of Services

The offered hotels, apartments and other buildings contained within Al Nami Travel programs are described according to the official categorization of the respective country at the time of publication of the program. We point out that local categorization in individual countries differs greatly. Accommodation, food, conviniency and other services are under the supervision of the local and national tourist boards, while the standards of accommodation and service are different and not comparable. AL NAMI TRAVEL assumes no responsibility for any oral or written information, which is inconsistent with the description of services and facilities in Al Nami Travel programs valid for a stated voyage, which the TRAVELER receives either from Al Nami Travel employee or a third party. Schedule of accommodation in rooms or apartments is determined by the reception desk in the place of stay. If TRAVELER does not explicitly contract a room/apartment with special features, he/she will accept any officially registered room/apartment for issuance in a particular facility or destination described in the travel program. Accommodation is not possible before 16:00 on the day of commencement of use of the service, and must be vacated by 10 am on the day of completion of the service, unless otherwise specified in the travel program. For later individual arrivals to accommodation facilities (after 20 hours), it is necessary at least one day before departure to inform AL NAMI TRAVEL, if such late arrival is not predicted by travel program. In the case of using the means of transportation provided by Al Nami Travel, the agency (Al Nami Travel) is obliged to inform the TRAVELER about the type of transportation prior to signing the travel contract. Also, by signing this contract the TRAVELER agrees that the direct responsibility is borne by the Carrier, in accordance to with the regulations and customs governing the mentioned types of transportation, and which are outside the influence and responsibilities of Al Nami Travel.

  1. Travel Documents, Compliance with Regulations

A traveler applying for a trip abroad must have valid travel documents. At the time of application or at the expiration of the deadline specified in the program, the traveler must provide all necessary data and documents as well as a visa for the country to which he/she is traveling. AL NAMI TRAVEL does not guarantee the visas or travel documents nor does it bear any moral or material liability. If a traveler fails to comply with the said obligations or if his/her visa application is denied, the traveler will be deemed to have withdrawn from the journey. The traveler is obliged to respect customs, foreign currency and other regulations. If the traveler cannot continue the journey due to non-compliance with the regulations, he/she will bear all the costs and consequences that arise. If the traveler loses travel documents or they are stolen during the journey, he/she is obliged to provide new ones at his/her own expense. The traveler has to make sure that he personally, his documents and luggage fulfill the conditions stipulated by the visa, border, customs, health and other regulations, both of Bosnia and Herzegovina and of the country to which he travels, to comply with the house rules in catering and hotel facilities, and cooperate with the representative of travel organizers and service providers in good faith. In the event of non-compliance with mentioned obligations, the traveler shall be liable for any damages incurred and AL NAMI TRAVEL shall not be liable for any such damages. In such cases, the traveler pays the amount of damage to the owner of the facility (hotels, apartments, etc.) at the reception desk. When signing the contract, AL NAMI TRAVEL considers that the traveler is familiar with the regulations of the country in which he travels. All travelers are advised to personally inform themselves about the country they are traveling to and the conditions to be met for travel to the specific country prior to the arrangement, taking into account the diversity of regulations applicable to nationals of certain countries. Al Nami Travel may refer the traveler to the source of information but in no way assumes responsibility for the consequences of traveler’s non-compliance with the regulations. Invalid travel documents or visa rejection, both of which result in travel cancellations by the traveler, in no way obligates AL NAMI TRAVEL, instead the conditions of travel cancellations apply. AL NAMI TRAVEL removes any liability for damages that could arise from traveler’s non-compliance with the regulations of certain countries or which would result from traveler’s possession of invalid travel documents. TRAVELER is obliged to inform AL NAMI TRAVEL about all the facts regarding his/her health, habits etc. which could endanger the travel (if for health and other reasons he or she requires a particular type of food, certain treatment, chronic illness, allergies and the like). Some programs have specific travel rules that include mandatory vaccination and the purchase of appropriate documents. The traveler is obliged to carry out mandatory vaccination as well as having certificates and documents on that prove it. We recommend the payment of a travel insurance policy.

  1. Travel/Contract Cancellation by the Traveler

If the traveler cancels the paid arrangement, from the complete price of the arrangement (if not specified otherwise in the travel program) AL NAMI TRAVEL keeps: European travels, vacations, skiing, long distance travels, up to 60 days before departure 10 % of the price of the package, not less than 40 KM 35 days before departure 30% of the price of the arrangement 34-25 days before departure 40% of the price of the arrangement 24-19 days before departure 80% of the price of the arrangement 19-0 days before departure and after departure – 100% of the price of the package Cruises up to 60 days before departure 10% of the price of the arrangement 59-45 days before departure 25% of the price of the arrangement 44-31 days before departure 50% of the price of the arrangement 31-21 days before departure 80% of the price of the arrangement 20-0 days before and after departure 100% of the price of the arrangement In the event of the “early booking” cancellation, after the expiration date for early booking, the organizer retains the full amount of the package, except in the event of death. If the traveler does not show up or cancels the arrangement after its beginning, the organizer will charge the entire amount of the arrangement. Cancellation of air ticket reservation In the case of cancellation or change of the date of the issued airline ticket, the cancelation terms exclusively determined by different airlines are applied, according to their regulations and tariff conditions. The aforementioned costs also apply to changes on the departure date or accommodation facilities as well as on other major changes. Al NAMI TRAVEL charges actual substitution expenses of the arrangement if the TRAVELER – the contract holder cancels the trip, and finds another user for the same reservation that satisfies all the conditions of use of the above package. If 20 days before departure the traveler has not paid the remaining amount or provided undisputable payment of the arrangements, AL NAMI TRAVEL holds that the traveler has terminated the reservation, without the possibility of advance payment refund for the trip.

  1. Travel Cancellation by Al Nami Travel and Changes in Travel Program

If AL NAMI TRAVEL, prior to travel, significantly changes the program, accommodation or costs, it is obliged to notify the traveler in writing with no delay. The traveler may, within 2 working days of receiving the notification inform AL NAMI-TRAVEL about accepting or rejecting the modified program. In the event of refusal or failure to respond to the offer, Al Nami Travel is obliged, within 7 working days to return to the traveler the paid part of the price. In case of acceptance, the substitute travel arrangement that AL NAMI TRAVEL offered is considered the new travel contract, provided that the traveler waives all claims against the AL NAMI TRAVEL on any legal basis that derived from the original contract. If after the journey AL NAMI TRAVEL has not provided most of the contracted services or if it estimates that it will not be able to ensure the fulfillment of most of the contracted services, AL NAMI TRAVEL may at its own expense and with the consent of traveler make changes to the program for continuation of his/her journey and, if necessary, to indemnify the traveler for the difference in price between the contracted and actual services rendered. With the written consent of the traveler, Al NAMI TRAVEL can change the unexecuted portion of service with another service, wherein the traveler will waive his/her right to any claims from the AL NAMI TRAVEL for such a mutually contracted and amended portion of the voyage in regards to the concluded travel contract. AL NAMI TRAVEL reserves the right to increase the package price in the case that the number of travelers applied for the trip is smaller than AL NAMI TRAVEL indicated at the time of publishing the arrangements. If AL NAMI TRAVEL is not able to adequately modify the travel program or if the traveler does not accept the changes for justified reasons, AL NAMI TRAVEL will allow him/her to return to the point of departure or to another place at AL NAMI TRAVEL’s expense, if he or she agrees to it, and will compensate for any damage the traveler has suffered. Damage is paid in the amount of part of the price of the unused part of the contracted program based on the objections made by the traveler. The highest amount of damage can be the amount of the contracted arrangement price.AL NAMI TRAVEL is authorized by the unilateral statement to fully or partially terminate the contract, without the obligation of damage compensation to travelers in the event of external, uncommon and unpredictable circumstance, which could not have been prevented or avoided, and which would be, had they existed at the time of concluding the contract on organizing tours, a legitimate reason for AL NAMI TRAVEL not to enter into a contract. In this case, the traveler is entitled to a refund of the amount paid in full or the difference in price between the contracted and offered services. AL NAMI TRAVEL reserves the right to cancel the trip, at least 5 days prior to travel if the trip is canceled by the tour operator for which the AL NAMI TRAVEL was an intermediary in the sale of that agreed arrangement, or if the particular trip did not receive the lowest number of travelers required for the implementation of the arrangement referred to at each specific tour program or for some other valid reason. Al Nami Travel advises respected clients to get to know the general travel conditions of the travel organizer, if Al Nami Travel sells an arrangement from another travel agency (Travel organizer). AL NAMI TRAVEL reserves the right to change the date or hour of travel due to flight schedule changes or due to unforeseen circumstances, the right to change the direction of travel if the conditions for traveling change (changed timetable, the security situation in a particular country, natural disasters or other situations, which AL NAMI TRAVEL cannot influence), without damage compensation, and according to the regulations in force in the domestic and international traffic. AL NAMI TRAVEL assumes no responsibility for any changes due to unforeseen circumstances and force majeure during the trip. In this case AL NAMI TRAVEL can provide services with regard to the situation. AL NAMI TRAVEL is not responsible for any typographical errors within a program in the context of brochures/catalogs as well as incorrect data entry by the operators of the Al Nami Travel website.

  1. Travels Organized by other Tour Operators

For all arrangements where AL NAMI TRAVEL is the main travel organizer, these General Terms and Conditions apply, except in the case where AL NAMI TRAVEL is an agent (broker) ei is not the main tour operator. Such arrangements are specifically marked and are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the organizer and AL NAMI TRAVEL is not responsible for the implementation of the travel arrangements of other organizer. By signing the contract the TRAVELER fully accepts the program and travel conditions.

  1. Complaints Resolution

The TRAVELER has the right to complain due to the unfulfilled contracted services. Traveler is obligated to file a written complaint to AL NAMI TRAVEL within 8 days of the voyage. Complaints filed after the expiration of a period of 8 days will not be taken into consideration. The traveler is obliged to submit a claim or complaint in writing to the address of Al Nami Travel. Al Nami Travel only accepts founded and documented complaint (a written complaint on the spot, invoices of paid expenses, demands by type of unexecuted services factually specified and quantified in relation to each traveler individually, witnesses and other evidence). We emphasize that it is in the interest of the traveler to act in good faith and express the desire to resolve complaints during the voyage, and address his/her written complaint to the service provider on the spot (to reception, transport, catering or travel agency at the destination) and request from the service provider a written notification that he/she received the complaint. Every traveler – contract holder files a separate complaint. AL NAMI TRAVEL will not consider group complaints. AL NAMI TRAVEL is required to make a written decision on the complaint within 15 days after receipt of the complaint in the same manner in which the complaint was received (e-mail, mail or personal delivery to which will be answered by written mail with return receipt). AL NAMI TRAVEL will only resolve those complaints for which the traveler delivers evidence that he/she had sent a written complaint to the service provider on the spot and that cause could not have been solved on the spot. If due to the culpability (guilt) of AL NAMI TRAVEL a failure to comply with the program or part of the service occurred, the traveler is entitled to compensation corresponding to the actual value of unused services and cannot include services already provided or the total amount of the arrangement. In the case of signing a contract on organizing a trip on “last minute” basis (a last-minute trip) or a contract where the name of the accommodation facility is known by the TRAVELER only after arriving at the destination (special offers such as: fortune, roulette, no name, joker and the like), the TRAVELER accepts all the risks of such a trip. Such journeys contain within themselves uncertain facts that AL NAMI TRAVEL cannot influence, and TREVELER has primarily accepted such trip due to a favorable price, and therefore the TRAVLER does not have the right to complain against AL NAMI TRAVEL. While AL NAMI TRAVEL decides on the complaint of passengers, the customer refrains from mediation by any other person, court institution or giving information to the media and on social networks.

  1. Luggage

Luggage transportation, up to a certain weight, as determined by the carrier, is free. In air transportation the excess baggage must be paid by the traveler according to the rules and prices of the specific carrier. Children under 2 years of age are not entitled to free transportation of luggage. AL NAMI TRAVEL assumes no liability for lost or damaged luggage. Claims for lost luggage are directed to the carrier or hotel. In air travel, luggage is the sole responsibility of the airline, on the basis of the regulations that apply in air traffic. In the event of luggage loss the traveler files the PIR form provided by the airline which carried out the transportation and submits to the representative of the airline, and keeps one copy for him or herself. Based on the completed form, the airline pays compensation in accordance with the regulations that apply in domestic and international air traffic. In the event of loss of luggage at the hotel, the traveler addresses a request to the hotel where the baggage is lost. We recommend obtaining a luggage insurance policy.

  1. Travel Insurance and Warranty

Al Nami Travel advises the TRAVELER to conclude insurance for travel cancellation, travel liability insurance, travel health insurance and accident insurance with the insurance company. If Al Nami Travel offers travel insurance it is only in the capacity of an agent (broker). Agreement on any type of insurance is concluded between the TRAVELER and the insurance company, to which possible requirements are addressed directly.

  1. Obligations and Rights of Traveler

The TRAVELER is personally obliged to fulfill the conditions prescribed by the regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the country through which or to which he/she is traveling. Also, a traveler who possesses a passport of another country shall comply with the requirements set forth by the country of destination. The traveler is obliged to respect the house rules of hotels and other facilities, and is obliged to cooperate with the organizers and service providers. Traveler is personally responsible for any damage caused, especially for a damage caused as a result of disregarding the contract and these General Terms and Conditions. The damage caused by the traveler will be paid by him/her personally and immediately at the hotel reception desk and at any other place stipulated by the physical or legal person to whom he/she inflicted the damage.

  1. Obligations of the Agency Selling Arrangements

According to the regulations, the Agency or Agent who received payment for the arrangement is obligated to make available promotional material and the general conditions of the voyage to the TRAVELER, in written or electronic form, to give adequate notice of the basic border formalities, the formalities for issuing visas and health formalities in respect of travel and stay at the place of destination as well as the time necessary for the fulfillment of these formalities. In addition, prior to travel they (the Agency or Agent) are obliged to advise the TRAVELER to buy insurance against accidents and illness during the trip, damage or loss of luggage, travel health insurance during travel and stay abroad, travel cancellation insurance and insurance that insures against expenses of return of the TRAVELER to place of departure in case of accidents and diseases.

  1. Protection of Personal Data

The traveler provides personal information voluntarily. Personal information is required for processing of contractual arrangements and will be used for further communication. AL NAMI TRAVEL obliges that the personal data of the traveler will not leave the country except for the purpose of realizing contracted travel arrangements. Exception to giving personal information to third parties relates to concluding travel insurance, meaning if the traveler concludes an insurance policy, then his/her personal data will be forwarded to the insurance company. Personal data will be kept in the database. The traveler agrees his/her personal data to be used for implementation of contractual arrangements and marketing actions by AL NAMI TRAVEL. Data and information provided to the traveler at the registration location does not oblige the organizer to a greater degree than providing notifications and information stated in the travel program.

  1. Information

General Terms and travel regulations are an integral part of the contract concluded between the TRAVELER and AL NAMI TRAVEL or an authorized travel agency through which the TRAVELER applied for a trip organized by AL NAMI TRAVEL. The Parties are obliged to resolve all possible disagreements or disputes amicably. If this is not possible, in the event of a dispute, the Court in Sarajevo has jurisdiction.

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