Period: OCT 06th – DEC 29th 2017


Spend unforgettable days in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lose weight without starvation, renunciation and hard exercise.


Price: EUR 1199  – 14 days – per person


If you want to lose weight or relax your body this is a real opportunity for you. Spend an unfogettable days in Sarajevo and join a weight loss or relaxation program. Weight Loss Program is not just a classical cleaning of the body and removing excess weight, it’s a complete change of lifestyle. This program is under expert supervision of a nutritionist. With expert guidance, your body gets the unique power for a healthier and happier life without excessive kilograms. Most importantly, this program will teach you how to change your life style without going back to the old style. If you feel fatigue or lack of energy, you have sleep problems or are depressed, we suggest you our eight day relaxing program.


THE PRICE INCLUDES (per person):

  • 13x Accommodation at the hotel 4*, in a double/twin room
  • 13x Full board,
  • Transport: airport – hotel – airport (arrival and departure),
  • Specialist examination (first and controlling views physiatrist),
  • Free internet,
  • Local fee,
  • Diagnostic plan for consultative examinations according to the findings of doctor at admission.


Nutrition program:

  • Dietetic nutrition program by nutritionist’s finding,
  • Medical therapy if needed.

Balneo-physical program (according to the findings and program recommended by physiatrist):

  • Hydrotherapy (medical bath, pearl baths, underwater massage, four-extremities baths),
  • Partial manual massage – 3 times weekly,
  • Electrotherapy,
  • Parafango,
  • Group exercises of breathing, stretching,
  • Fitness – 2 times daily,
  • Individual or group exercises – 1 time daily,
  • Walks – 2 times daily,
  • Sauna – 1 times daily,
  • Swimming pool – 2 time daily,


– Patient education: teaching, patient monitoring.



  • Additional excursions (Konjic, Mostar, Travnik, Jajce, Bijambare or Waterfalls Skakavac).
  • Tips and Personal expenses.
  • Single room.
  • Upgrade to a better room or better hotel.



–          Official name: Bosnia and Herzegovina.

–          Capital city: Sarajevo.

–          Languages: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.

–          Time zone: Central European Time (GMT +1).

–          Currency: Bosnian Mark (BAM).

–          Electricity: The electric current is 220V with a frequency of 50Hz.

–          Vaccination: not necessary.

–          Country code: + 387.

–          Climate:  The climate of Bosnia and Herzegovina therefore varies from a temperate continental climate in the northern Pannonia lowlands along the Sava River and in the foothill zone, to an alpine climate in the mountain regions, and a Mediterranean climate in the coastal and lowland areas of the Herzegovina region in the south and southeast.

–          Clothes and shoes: comfortable clothes, umbrella or raincoat and comfortable shoes for walking.

–          Food and drink: Although the water in Sarajevo is correct, we recommend drinking bottled water.

–          Temperature (Sarajevo):  SEPTEMBER – The average daily temperature ranges from 18O to 25 O C, while the night temperature amounts to 7 O to 8 O C.

OCTOBAR: The average daily temperature ranges from 13O to 20 O C, while the night temperatures amount from 3to 8 O C.

–          Business hours: Most public places are open Monday through Friday8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Small shops usually work up until 8:00 p.m. and shopping centers work until 10:00 p.m.

–          Telephone and internet access: There are three GSM operators in BiH: BH Telecom, M: Tel and Eronet. Pre-paid cards and additional minutes (credit) for cell phones and wireless internet are available for purchase at kiosks, small shops and at these operators’ stores. Wireless connection is free at many hotels, restaurants, cafés and shopping centers. All three operators offer 3G cell phone internet throughout Sarajevo, but roaming rates can be very high.


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