Health Recovery Program

Created exclusivelly for your benefit, the Health Recovery Program offers you a unique opportunity to unite between your need of medical care and the opportunity to explore the nature and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Combine the value of receiving the best therapeutic attention available with the opportunity of exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina. To further benefit your overall health and wellness, we have prepared for you nature excursions to: Fojnica mountain (570 m), Prokoško lake (1660m) and Vranica mountain (2112 m).

In Reumal Fojnica medical center you will receive the following services:
• medical recovery and physical therapy
• cardio rehabilitation
• specialist examination and diagnostics
• corrective orthopedic prosthetics
• wellness services
• sports and training center

Included in this package is accommodation at apartments specifically designed for people in need of medical attention. A wide range of health activities are offered within the arraignment: medical check-ups, general tests, spa center with water pool and gym. Having a full medical center, there is a variety of optional treatments offered: specialist examination, diagnostic plan for consultative examinations, nutrition programs, dietetic nutrition, laboratory findings as well as treatment for diabetic patients.

Enjoy the opportunity of your perfect wellness experience with the power of natural healing of Bosnia!


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