Explore Bosnian Nature

Bosnia and Herzegovina is most famous for its mesmerizing nature. This tour provides you with the unique inisight in the natural beauties of two great cities – Sarajevo and Bihać! The famous Skakavac Waterfall is one the most attractive watefalls in Bosnia, standing 98 meters tall, placed in a beautiful landscape dominated by the rocks around it. The Bijambare cave complex do not fall behind in their beauty! The central cave is 470 meters long and 30 meters high, streatching over 60 meters!

Along the way, you will experience the enchanting view of the Pliva lakes close to Jajce – the city on waterfalls! Just on the road lays one of the greatest treasures of Bosnia – the Una river and the city of Bihać, whose surroundings will leave you speahcless. Your last day on this tour is designed to show you the wonderous chain of mountains that played the central role in the 1984 Olympic games.

Sarajevo – Jajce – Bihać – Sarajevo
Duration: 3 days 2 nights
Distance: 350 km
• Day 1 Sarajevo – Skakavac Watefall, Bijambare, Vrelo Bosne – Overnight
• Day 2 Jajce – Pliva lakes – Bihać – Una National Park, Martin Brod waterfalls
• Day 3 Sarajevo – Visit to the Olympic Mountains


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